"I care about the artists I work with: I want to support them and see them grow artistically. The agency is founded on the shared joy of music. We all want to bring unforgettable musical experiences to you, our listeners."

Why Makropulos? Because very few things are as immortal as music. From today's point of view, Monteverdi, Bach, and Zelenka are authors of "old music", but through that music they speak to us just as it did to their contemporaries. And two centuries from now, the music of Janáček, Korngold, and Kaprálová will speak to listeners just as it does to us.

I have the great joy and honor to work with artists who are capable of performing that immortal music in such a way that - to paraphrase a quote by Leoš Janáček - "shivers run up and down our spine and we forget to breathe." Beyond that, they are great people and, besides our professional association, we are also friends in our personal lives.

Not long ago, a planet that orbits the star Absolutno ("the Absolute") and which can be seen with the naked eye was given the name "Makropulos". I am confident that our new agency and its stars will shine and meet with you, on-stage in concert halls, as often as possible.

Makropulos Agency aims to be a trustworthy and reliable partner of domestic and international concertholders. Its objective is to be synonymous with the highest artistic quality and take an individualized approach to each and every one of its business partners.


Martina Výrková